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I was offered the chance to come and take some photographs at a local bands practice session, as I had said I was wanting to expand my music photography portfolio. This is just a few of the images from the session.

Band Members, Colin Lynch, Geoff Rose, Micky Pearson, Peter Atherton, Neil Nattris

Kamino -SDB_9787Kamino -SDB_9787 Kamino -SDB_9797Kamino -SDB_9797 Kamino -SDB_9519Kamino -SDB_9519 Kamino -SDB_9535Kamino -SDB_9535 Kamino -SDB_9561Kamino -SDB_9561 Kamino -SDB_9576Kamino -SDB_9576 Kamino -SDB_9722Kamino -SDB_9722


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I have had the privilege of going to do some photographic work for Community Campus 87, who run a variety of projects focused upon young person centred development, and on housing services for the homeless. So far the work I have done has mainly been taking images of their staff at desks and a few head shots, so they can update their website and other literature and also images of their properties in different stages of repair and refurbishment. One of the nice things about working with Community Campus87 is finding out about there day today work and their future plans are, it is nice to see how they are helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds and helping them turn their lives around. One of the things that struck me when meeting the staff was how positive they were about everything, and the hard work they put in to help people.


Apprentice -DSC_4648Apprentice -DSC_4648 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4200Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4200 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4199Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4199 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4196Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4196 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4243Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4243 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4280Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4280 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4288Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4288 Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4593Community Campus 87 Staff -DSC_4593 Community Campus 87 Staff Group -DSC_4643Community Campus 87 Staff Group -DSC_4643 Property -DSC_4594Property -DSC_4594 Property -SDIM9363Property -SDIM9363 Property -SDIM9373Property -SDIM9373 Property -SDIM9403Property -SDIM9403 Property -SDIM9387Property -SDIM9387 Property -SDIM9378Property -SDIM9378 Property -SDIM9408Property -SDIM9408


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I am always looking for new challenges with my photography, I like shooting action images but I do shoot other subjects and genres as well. 

After a conversation with a Francis Jones a boxer I asked about taking some images of him while training, unfortunately Francis was already working with another photographer but he said he knew someone and he would put me in touch with them, to see if they would be interested in working with me on what I will call a project. The boxer he put me in touch with was Hannah a twenty-two year old, one of the first things that struck me when I met Hannah was the smile that puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. So we go inside the boxing club and sit down to talk, about what I am looking for in images, and to find out a bit more about Hannah, and one of the things that struck me is how focused she is and driven towards her goals. We talked for about forty-five minutes and arranged to meet the following week to capture some images, I asked whether her coaches would be fine with me coming along and taking pictures while she trained and with that she said "yes it will be fine", so I said we better check with your coaches that they are happy for me to attend a training session, in walks one of the coaches you can tell he is a boxer, not saying I was nervous maybe a bit apprehensive as he might just say no get out and don’t come back. But my fears were unfounded he was very pleasant and happy for me to come along and take photographs of Hannah training. 

So the day arrives for me to go to the evening training session the gym is not far from where I live so a short car journey is all it took I pull up outside and I can see inside the club lots of bodies moving around, nerves take a hold a little bit, not long after I arrived so did Hannah with the infectious smile she says hello and I follow her inside, there is a lady on the door collecting subs for training , Hannah pays her subs and I say hello to the lady and walk in then the voice pipes up "are you here to train", in a joking voice I say do I look like need the exercise which I probably do and quickly explain that I am there to take some photographs of Hannah training. So I am through the door and I feel like all the eyes are focused on me a stranger in the camp but I think I was probably being very self-conscious, I say hello to the coach I had seen the other night and quietly say hello to other people not wanting to look out of place but with a camera bag it was hard not to stand out I was getting a few quizzical looks from people probably wondering what I was doing. So it's time for training feeling like I was intruding on the club a bit I moved around watching my every step so I made sure that I didn’t get in the way of anybody’s training session as I thought that would be the quickest way to get ejected from the club, but as time went on I felt like they were accommodating me by making sure they didn’t get in my way. So the first photographic session went well, I have to say I have never photographed anything quite as hard, as one minute you are focused then like lightning Hannah has moved to a different spot throwing punches and working as hard as the men in the club. I have to say a big thank you to the boxing club for allowing me in and I thought it was very nice for them to invite me back anytime I want, so I will be doing another session with Hannah on Monday night, and will be looking to do some other photographic work with Hannah, in the coming months.

Hannah -DSC_6876Hannah -DSC_6876 Hannah -DSC_6839Hannah -DSC_6839 Hannah -DSC_6825Hannah -DSC_6825 Hannah -DSC_6810Hannah -DSC_6810 Hannah -DSC_1777Hannah -DSC_1777




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When you get asked to photograph a very expensive house you don't say no. I was asked by http://bunglebugestates.properties to photograph a very nice property for them which was going up for sale. The day started of warm and the light was getting harsh so i wanted to get the outside shots done before the sun rose to high and the light became to harsh. Once I completed the outside photographs I decided to start upstairs and work my way down to the ground floor. I knew the temperature outside was rising as the heat i the house start rising and the light coming through the windows was becoming very harsh, and unforgiving. So it was a case of trying to balance a good exposure against the light coming in from the windows I didn't want to under expose the images by a huge amount as this would have caused more problems in post processing. So it was a case of getting an exposure that was sitting nice in the camera histogram that I could work with when processing. I tried a few shots with the lights on but didn't like the way the lights were shining I thought it would look nice with the lights on in the chandeliers, but soon scrapped that idea as the brightness was harsh and did not enhance the photograph, or do justice to the magnificence of the lights.

Brantingham Drive -SDIM8326Brantingham Drive -SDIM8326 Brantingham Drive -DIM8307Brantingham Drive -DIM8307 Brantingham Drive -SDIM8338Brantingham Drive -SDIM8338 Brantingham Drive -SDIM8364Brantingham Drive -SDIM8364 Brantingham Drive -SDIM8366Brantingham Drive -SDIM8366 Brantingham Drive -SDIM8390Brantingham Drive -SDIM8390


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I think one of my biggest dilemmas has been do I need a studio to be successful. The answer is no it took me along time to figure out this most simple of questions really, I did a lot of internet searching on photographers and quite a lot use there homes as a studio clearing part of a room and setting up there backdrop and lights, it is easy to get drawn into to be professional you need a studio, don’t get me wrong one day I would like a studio and it would make life much easier having backdrops and whitewall and everything just ready to go, but sometimes you have to work with what you have. So I did my first family shoot and fancy dress shoot at my home. We decided to clear part of the lounge to set up the space was not huge but it was big enough to have a successful shoot and their is nothing like challenging yourself with a photoshoot of young children. I was told they would be shy when they first came in till they got used to me and relaxed, and then the fun began young children have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for doing things so it became quite a challenge to catch a nice pose or natural image of them when they were not bouncing and running around, fortunately the parents were on hand to help calm them down. I started by having my camera on the tripod but this turned out to be a mistake as by the time I had them in my view finder and adjusted they were doing something different. So the tripod was abandoned and hand held was was the option, it is nice to get images of children being themselves but it was nice to get some images of the children being calm, and you have to talk and look through the viewfinder at the same time to get the children to look at you as it only takes a split second to lose the chance of getting the image you see before they change expression or move. They say every photo shoot is an opportunity to learn and it certainly was I know what I would do different next time and you forget how much energy a 2 and 3yr old have especially since our own children are a lot older.

This is just a small selection from the two shoots I did with the girls and parents, for all the running round and excitement the photo shoots were a pleasure to do.

Isabella -DSC_4950Isabella -DSC_4950 Isabella & Sophia -DSC_4925Isabella & Sophia -DSC_4925 Family -DSC_4765Family -DSC_4765 Sophia -DSC_4726Sophia -DSC_4726 Sophia & Isabella -DSC_4737Sophia & Isabella -DSC_4737 Isabella -DSC_5102Isabella -DSC_5102 Sophia -DSC_5075Sophia -DSC_5075 Sophia -DSC_4942Sophia -DSC_4942 Sophia -DSC_5051Sophia -DSC_5051 Isabella & Sophia -DSC_5029Isabella & Sophia -DSC_5029

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