September 19, 2016

When you get asked to photograph a very expensive house you don't say no. I was asked by to photograph a very nice property for them which was going up for sale. The day started of warm and the light was getting harsh so i wanted to get the outside shots done before the sun rose to high and the light became to harsh. Once I completed the outside photographs I decided to start upstairs and work my way down to the ground floor. I knew the temperature outside was rising as the heat i the house start rising and the light coming through the windows was becoming very harsh, and unforgiving. So it was a case of trying to balance a good exposure against the light coming in from the windows I didn't want to under expose the images by a huge amount as this would have caused more problems in post processing. So it was a case of getting an exposure that was sitting nice in the camera histogram that I could work with when processing. I tried a few shots with the lights on but didn't like the way the lights were shining I thought it would look nice with the lights on in the chandeliers, but soon scrapped that idea as the brightness was harsh and did not enhance the photograph, or do justice to the magnificence of the lights.

Brantingham Drive -SDIM8326Brantingham Drive -SDIM8326 Brantingham Drive -DIM8307Brantingham Drive -DIM8307 Brantingham Drive -SDIM8338Brantingham Drive -SDIM8338 Brantingham Drive -SDIM8366Brantingham Drive -SDIM8366