Just a few images from one or two of the mountain bike events I have photographed over the year.

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Stephen D Brian Photography
NDH Kielder Race 1-SDB_0240NDH Kielder Race 1-SDB_0212NDH Kielder Race 2-SDB_0258NDH Kielder Race 2-SDB_0249NDH Kielder Race 1-SDB_0086NDH Kielder Race 2-SDB_0267NDH Kielder Race 2-SDB_0373NDH Kielder Race 2-SDB_0382NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1134NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1529NDH Hamsterley TT_DSC1088NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1455NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1459NDH KIdland-SDIM6276NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1486NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1554NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1570NDH Start Cycle Funduro_DSC1579Mountain Bike-SDIM4297Mountain Bike-SDIM4283