Whether it be boxing or mountain biking or some other sporting event, I like too capture the action as it happens to give people memories for years to come.
B.A.A.B.C -DSC_2020Surf Snowdonia -SDB_0843Borderline RD 1 Practice Sun SDB_3401Descend Bike Park -SDB_1951Polaris-185Hannah -SDB_2121Kalim -SDB_1890Surf Snowdonia -SDB_1131B.A.A.B.C -SDB_4738Motorcycle TrialsMotorcycle TrialsNDH Kielder Race 2-SDB_0249Motorcycle TrialsPolaris -48Polaris -113Surf Snowdonia -SDB_0831Hannah -DSC_6876Surf Snowdonia -SDB_1128Dean Howl -SDB_2635Dean Howl -SDB_2838